A very different side of personal injury

A very different side to personal injury claims

With all the bad publicity about personal injury claims and so-called “ambulance chasing” it are often easy to forget 2 fundamental facts :-

  • The overwhelming majority of private injury claims are valid and make huge pain and suffering for the victims
  • Damages under English law are generally low – it’s claims for ongoing loss of earnings and care costs that account for the oft publicized few larger claims

With some personal injury claims, the injuries are so catastrophic on make any damages claim, in practical terms of impact on the life which the injury has caused, almost meaningless.

In one such tragic case reported this week, a young woman was left paralysed from the neck down by an assault in a pub.

The reason this case made the press, aside from the horrendous injury caused to the present girl , was firstly thanks to it being as a results of an assault over literally nothing during a pub, but also because it demonstrates that where injuries are caused by a private , not in work or on the road, that person is very unlikely to have insurance.

This leaves only the choice within the sort of cases where the act is criminal (and the position is worse where no criminal assault has taken place) to form a claim against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, where damages are limited as coming from the general public purse, and sometimes wholly inadequate.