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Seven Simple Tips About Child Custody Issues

There are numerous, diverse issues surrounding the legal custody of your children. Laws vary from state to state. Each individual situation is different depending on your personal circumstances, such as marital status; employment; income; other financial resources; family support; relationship with another parent; past history of abuse or domestic violence; arrest report; and earlier roleRead More

How To Choose The Right Child Custody Attorney

When fighting for child custody, finding a competent attorney is vital. A good attorney can be the difference between gaining custody of your child and losing them to your estranged partner. There are some steps you can take when choosing an attorney for child custody so that you can find the best possible lawyer thatRead More

How child support could affect your car loan

Whether you are paying or receiving child support, those payments could affect many other areas of your financial life for as long as you, on behalf of your child or children, pay or receive them. One example is if you are attempting to take out an auto loan and purchase a car. Normally, lenders don’tRead More

Advice on child custody for parents

A divorce is really hard on not just the two spouses but also the children who are involved. Child custody is the main factor when finalizing a divorce agreement. Among the most-asked concerns about child custody are where the children will live and which parent will make the majority of decisions about the children. ThereRead More

Legal Consequences Of Non-Payment Of Child Support

Non-payment of child support is a serious offense that may result in fines or even jail time. From a legal perspective, this is because you are in “contempt of court.” The civil court that ordered you to pay child support is every bit as important as a criminal court, even though civil courts don’t tend to sentenceRead More

How Social Service Agencies Can Affect Child Custody Cases

Social Services is a broad term categorizing non-profit, federal, state and county organizations that look out for child welfare. Their responsibilities include interviewing parents to determine parental fitness, interviewing children to determine if they’ve been abused or neglected, and taking children from homes deemed to be unsafe. In the months leading to a child custody case,Read More

How To Modify Child Support Orders

When the parents of a minor child separate, the court will order the non-custodial parent to make payments to help support the child. These payments will continue until the child is an adult and capable of self-support. However, the amount of the child support order is not etched into stone. If circumstances change, the courtRead More

How To Prepare To Meet A Child Custody Attorney

To find the right child custody attorney for you, you will want to interview one or more before making a hiring decision. We can help you make the most of that first meeting. Many child custody lawyers are willing to chat with you. This initial consultation is a chance for the lawyers to introduce themselvesRead More

What Are The Different Types Of Child Custody

Child custody is governed by state law. A divorcing couple’s final decree will address the custody of any minor children of the spouses, no matter whether the custody determination is achieved through agreement, mediation or litigation. Because of the long-term impacts of custody decisions on every member of the family, it is prudent for aRead More