Injuries during plane travel can be confusing & complicated

Aviation accidents are more common than you would think. It’s not just the big commercial plane accidents that dominate the aviation accidents we hear about… it’s the injuries, the falls, the head injuries, the sprains, the disfigurement, the burns, the tragedies that occur every day aboard normal everyday flights.

Have you or a loved one been injured on a plane, in a terminal, or as you were moving to or from a plane? Did you know that if you have and negligence exists, you may be entitled to considerable financial compensation for your injuries? Did you know that if you do not speak to one of the leading aviation accident law firms you may get nothing? That’s right. Nothing.

The single most important thing you need to do after your aviation accident is to contact aggressive, experienced aviation accident attorneys.

Why? Because in most cases the airlines, insurance companies, and even the airport itself may ask you to sign something you shouldn’t. They are trying to limit their liability and may ask you or your loved ones to sign documents that may negate or even cap what they may be responsible for. Don’t. Don’t sign anything.

They are banking on you knowing nothing about aviation liability law and will try to take advantage of that fact. If you can, do not tell them anything unless you are being advised by your aviation personal injury lawyer. Make sure your medical care, injuries, and other health concerns are well documented by the attending health care professionals, as well as retain these documents in a safe place. Go through what medical care you or your loved ones require, gather all of the relevant medical information (reports, doctors notes etc.), and keep your records safe.

All of this, all of what and how you act after the accident may determine whether you or your loved one are properly compensated for the aviation accident and the last thing you would want to do is make an unadvised step which could jeopardize you and your loved ones getting the financial justice you deserve for being the victim of a negligent aviation or plane accident.