Personal Injury : Know Your Legal Rights

There’s a certain period of time after an unexpected injury that is
critical to the victim’s medical and possibly financial future. It is
in the immediate hours and days right after the injury. It’s a time
when hospitals, doctors, nurses, family members, employers, and the
authorities are first and foremost on our minds. It’s also when
insurance companies want to pounce and get you to sign on the dotted
line. It’s when they think you are most vulnerable. It’s when they
tell you that the settlement they are offering is as good as it gets.

It’s the time you need to get in touch with a lawyer. To know your rights.

The single most important thing for the victim or family of a personal
injury to know is that YOU MUST GET LEGAL HELP to realize the full
extent of your legal rights. Sound harsh? It should! The only party
that will have your best interest at heart are your lawyers. Your
insurance company is only concerned about themselves. The party that
injured you is only concerned about themselves, as is their insurance
company as well.

Any form of injury is never a fun ordeal to go through. Even more so
if you suspect that someone else was at fault. Lots of victims of
personal injuries think that they may have a legal claim but are
unsure of where to turn to ask for help. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

Most importantly, it’s okay if you’re uncertain.

One simple question has been gnawing at you since you or a loved one
was injured in a personal injury…

“Should I or should I not contact a personal injury lawyer?”

There’s an answer to that question.

But first…

Let’s look at the facts:
1. You or a loved one has been injured.
2. You “think” you have a case.
3. You are apprehensive about calling a personal injury attorney?

If you or a loved one has been wounded in a pedestrian accident and
would like a more complete understanding of your legal rights, please
don’t hesitate to have a free, confidential initial consultation. The
hard-working legal professionals know exactly what to do next to
investigate the injury and, if negligence exists, get you and your
family the financial compensation you deserve for the injury suffered.
Our attorneys are prepared to seek full compensation from all
negligent and careless parties that contributed to your injuries or
the death of your loved one whether the accident was caused by a
defective car part, driver error, or an unsafe police pursuit.