Should I Hire A Lawyer If My Childs Other Parent Denies Me Visitation

If you have been to court and the court has ordered a specific visitation plan, you absolutely should hire a lawyer because you will need to go back to court and show that the other parent violated the court-ordered plan.

What Happens Next

You will want to work with a child custody lawyer, who can help you prove that the other parent violated the court’s orders. Sometimes they will do this by taking witness statements or even by hiring a private investigator. Your attorney will then use that information to show the court how the other parent violated its orders.

Is There Punishment

If the court finds that the other parent did in fact deny visitation, yes, it can punish the offending parent. Sometimes it will impose a fine; other times it will order you to receive more visitation time to make up for the time that was lost because of the denial.

Can I Do It By Myself

Yes, you can try to prove to the court the other parent denied you visitation on your own. However, this can be frustrating and complicated because of the condition of the relationship between two divorced parents. By using an attorney, you will reduce the amount of frustration you experience and will likely obtain better, higher-quality proof via the attorney’s efforts than if you were to try alone.

If you are a parent who has a court-ordered visitation plan and the other parent denies you your visitation, you need to contact a lawyer to help you. You will need to contact the court to arrange a hearing to prove the visitation denial. At that time, you must provide proof to the court that the other parent denied your visitation; based on the information provided at that hearing, the court will decide the matter and hand down any punishment to the offending parent or award the denied parent. Working with an attorney will help you gather the quality proof you need to be successful at that important hearing.