Who Can You Sue if You Suffer a Personal Injury

Who Can You Sue if You Suffer a Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured, your first concern should be getting proper medical treatment. But after you’ve been cared for, you may have questions as to who should pay for your medical bills and for the time you lost from work. What about the pain and suffering you endured? Who can you sue for personal injuries? If your injury was caused by the negligence of someone else, you may have the right to sue him or her for recovery of damages.

Duty Of Care Breach

In order to prove someone was negligent, you must first show that the person owed you some duty of care. Often you may be owed a duty of reasonable care under the circumstances. If you were injured because of someone’s unreasonable act, or that person’s failure to take reasonable precautions, you should be able to sue for your injuries.

However, a negligently-acting person is not enough. You must also prove that the person’s negligence caused your injury. If a store left a slippery condition on the floor and you fell, you won’t be able to recover for a back problem you had before the accident unless the fall made it worse. Any person or company, who breached a duty of care owed to you, when that breach caused your injuries, can usually be sued for damages.

Product Liability Cases

You may also be able to sue companies if you are injured by their defective products. You can sue them for negligence, but you may also sue under a product liability theory that does not require you to prove negligence. In a product liability case, you need only show that the product was defective in some way, the defect caused your injury and that you suffered damages.

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